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AIM tracks key growth metrics and forecasts your future financial strength.

Identifying the key growth signals hidden in each teams data stacks.


AIM gives you the ability to forecast different growth scenarios against each other.

All founders need to do, is give us access. And wait for the result. We build the pipelines, maintain them, standardize all the data and generate the forecasts daily.



Elin holds a MSc in Engineering Physics with Computer Science and used to be Head of Motherbrain at EQT. She is a Full Stack Engineer, but full of passion for both business and people. A rare and perfect mix for leading our tech team at the frontier of financial tech innovation. has spend her entire adult life helping tech companies grow with the right people by finding and recruiting top tier techies. But we found and recruited her, imagine the possibilities with that!



Co-founder and CPTO Henrik Landgren was the O.G VP of analytics at Spotify, and the chief architect of EQT’s Motherbrain. When Landgren left EQT to start ArK, Motherbrain was tracking over 20 million tech companies and their growth trajectories globally - trained to identify hidden dark horses in the market before competing VCs. With AIM he intends to arm founders globally with yet another growth engine.

And create the views that shows how it’s all connected.

And forecast, so you won't have to do lay-offs.