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The platform that gives founders control of their growth.

We track durable growth and connect it to your future cash position.


See 5 years into your future growth trajectory.

With this new advantage point, we give you precise scenario views 5-years ahead. You will clearly be able to see where your current trajectory will take you, and what destinations are available to you if you move key metrics.

Forecast – Daily active users

@ Daily active users

@ Decreased spend 10%

@ Increased spend 20%

@ Increased spend 30%

Forecast – CAC Development

@ Cost per acquisition

@ Decreased spend 10%

@ Increased spend 30%

Forecast – LTV

@ Lifetime value

@ Scenario 2

@ Scenario 1

@ Scenario 3


+20 data points to track your App performance

Connect your app analytics stack, and we’ll do the rest.

AIM draws on all data that’s ever related to your growth - operational costs, acquisition metrics, cohort metrics, LTV metrics. No cost is left out, essentially merging the growth models of your CFO, marketing and sales team into a complete and unbiased one.


+20 data points to track your performance

AIM Identifies your growth drivers

AIM then unifies the data across your company and identifies the key growth signals hidden in each teams data stacks.


Get the true overview of your growth vehicle. Updated daily.

From your data, AIM the generates a helicopter view of your growth trajectory automatically. Covering your revenue, marketing efficiency and performance.


Make bets with surgical precision.

Every company is an unique animal, and taking on outside advice can therefor be difficult since it’s tainted by another companies reality. With Aim you have a model that tells you exactly what measures are right for you, and the concrete impact they will deliver in the longterm.


See your own metrics in a new light and the story behind them.

Understand your metrics better with AIM Stories. With it you have the ability to explore your own numbers in-depth and the reasons behind why you are seeing them.