Ark Growth Loan

The first real alternative to venture capital

Custom loans designed to fit the nature of high-growth tech companies

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Up to €10m with long  repayment horizons

The Ark Growth Loan is designed to be the best complement to venture capital. The terms are custom in partnership to fit the nature of your growth trajectory - ranging between €1-€10m with maturities up to 7 years - so you won’t get weighed down in crucial states of your journey.

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Fully non-dilutive

Our financing is completely non-dilutive, without any warrants or other equity return components. This allows for founders to grow their business with a greater level of ownership, control and capital efficiency.

a growth curve for a startup and and their grace period when taking a growth loan

Always 2 year grace period

For a business on it’s path to becoming profitable, it doesn’t make sense to pay back at day one. Pay back the capital when you’ve reached the next step of your growth journey – up to 2 years after getting access to your growth capital.

How to access Ark Growth Loan


Connect to AIM

Connect all data sources relating to the nature of your growth - marketing, accounting, CRM, subscription management systems, payment providers, CRM systems.


Unlock your forecast

In return we will present you with a detailed 5-year forecast of where your current growth trajectory will take you. We present this view to you and the key stake holders you see fit. This forecast is of course for your eyes only, as we hold ourselves to the highest standards of data ethics.


In partnership we craft custom terms

Based on your AIM forecast we craft terms that fits perfectly together with the rest of your capital structure and unique growth trajectory.


Receive the full amount and use it how you see fit

Once the deal is signed, we pay out the full amount, or in tranches as agreed. We give you access to AIM so you always have the god-view of your growth trajectory so you can make the right decisions. But we won’t interject, you spend the money how you please.

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