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Growth Loans

Access custom, longterm scaleup loans.

AIM Forecasts

See where your business could be in 3 years.

AIM Insights

Track and optimise the metrics that matter.

€400m capital pool for growth

All of our clients deals and data are strictly protected, below are a few anonymised cases.

“Founders deserve a worthy complement to equity funding.”

– Henrik Landgren, CPTO & Co-Founder

Terms constructed to maximise value creation

The Growth Loan is designed to fill up your business bank account for a long time. Repayment is slow, giving you unmatched time to reach valuation milestones.

Fully non-dilutive

No warrants or equity return components, the Growth Loan is fully non-dilutive.

Maximize cash on bank

Slow repayments lets you keep the money longer and invest bigger.

Delay equity rounds

Delay the next round until valuations are up and you've reached your milestones.

Powered by data

Durable growth is what matters

On the AIM platform founders connect their raw data to the best predictive models in growth forecasting. It is what lets us identify durable growth in early stage, and offer unmatched terms to founders.

Validate bets before placing them

Simulate bets relating to ad spend, CAC, retention, average purchase and OPEX increases or cuts.

Invite investors

Invite future and current investors to our platform and keep them updated on the metrics that matter to them.