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Products —

1. Intelligence

/ 2. Financing

AIM Dashboard 

Less data? More insights!

Every bit of relevant internal and external data turned into real-time updated analytics and insights. AIM Dashboard gives you an overview, helps decision-making, proactivity and big picture thinking.

AIM Foresight

Less history. More future.

Using predictive modeling and tracking of key performance, profitability, variability and trends, AIM Foresight will help you make precise strategic and financial decisions based on precise data.

AIM Connect

Less closed. More open.

All access to the AIM Rest API, means all access to possibilities. AIM Connect is a universal invitation for every developer to connect and let AIM become part of your tech & data stack.

Products —

1. Intelligence /

2. Financing

ArK Growth Loan

Less dilution. More growth.

Non-dilutive, dynamic, long-term loan (up to 7 years) with customized and fair terms. ArK Growth Loan is tailor made for your company with repayment and covenants based on your specific data.

ArK Advance Loan

Less waiting. More momentum. 

Early access to your receivables keeps your momentum going, and supports your growth goals without delays. ArK Advance Loan is based on your current and future revenues and on your company’s specific data.

”We see it as an important role for the financial industry to empower entrepreneurs. Too many tech companies can’t get the growth funding they need and deserve.”

Say hello to our (your) team

Julia Ehrhardt

Contrary to other financial tools and companies that use fragmented and low definition data, we use AIM to make more accurate and precise predictions based on raw data that reveals the full picture.

  • AIM Connects directly to your existing databases and systems through API:s.
  • AIM process hundred of millions of rows every second.
  • Based on intelligent processing of the data we craft the best possible custom loan for you.
  • AiM provides real time insights to customers through dashboards and API:s

Grow smarter, grow faster.

We develop and use our ai platform, AIM – ArK Intelligence Machine to precisely analyze your company's business health and design custom, dynamic loans with fair terms.

ArK shares daily updates of analytics and insights in a borrower dashboard and through rest APIs. Our customers have access to the AIM dashboard during your entire (hopefully long) journey with us, to help you fine tune your course and optimize the business. If your business thrives, so do we.

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