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CTO Elin Backlund at Ark Kapital wich builds ark intelligence maschine for alternative venture funding

The centre of gravity for growth predictions. The next chapter in tech funding.

Banks base their lending on what has happened. At ArK we create funding based on what will happen.

ArK is not a bank, we do not provide the kind of range of financial services that you would expect from a normal bank like accounts, investment tools, credit cards etc. We do however share one product with the banks - we lend money.

What further distinguishes us from banks and other financial institutions is how we model the performance of a company. Instead of looking at historical aggregated accounting metrics, we make risk assessments based on highly granular business metrics and we don’t just look at the history - we try to predict the future outcomes. This allows us to identify strong businesses earlier than what would be possible by looking at annual reports.

Becoming the global source of truth for tech growth forecasts is our ambition, and to make funding flow in an democratized and unbiased way.

01 Meet the team

CPTO Henrik Landgren talking at Ark Kapital office with CTO Elin Bäcklund that builds non dilutive loans for startups CEO Oliver Hildebrandt and CPO Henrik Landgren talking at Ark Kapital office that builds non dilutive loans for startups Ark Kapital team members by the office talking and smiling to eachother





Oliver Hildebrandt

Oliver is an elite tennis player who dropped out of school at 14 to go pro. Only a couple of years later an injury put an end to pro-life and he became an entrepreneur. With his big love for building great teams; Oliver has now founded six successful companies. With Ark he founded what he never found. It's like a bank. But for entrepreneurs.

Rebecca Lundin

Rebecca is a former award winning ad-agency strategic planner turned CMO. She built the marketing department, and an in-house creative agency at disrupting insurance company Hedvig. And then re-built their brand experience to better fit peoples’ life of today. Rebecka doesn’t get stuck at first glance, she looks around the corner of obvious and beyond boring and complex. She’s looking for magic waiting to be created.

Axel Bruzelius

After graduating from Stockholm School of economics, but before co-founding Ark, Axel did something many believed impossible. He built a start up bank within a traditional bank - Nordea Startup & Growth. When others looked backwards, Axel was walking forwards, Ok, he's a banker, but he's our banker.

Julia Ehrhardt

Julia studied Engineering Physics with Financial mathematics. She has over 15 years of experience from places like SEB, FCG and Hoist. Focusing on Risk, Treasury and everything about banking regulations. Julia is a true banker, now following her true calling – to empower entrepreneurs.

Elin Bäcklund

Elin holds a MSc in Engineering Physics with Computer Science and used to be Head of Motherbrain at EQT. She is a Full Stack Engineer, but full of passion for both business and people. A rare and perfect mix for leading our tech team at the frontier of financial tech innovation. has spend her entire adult life helping tech companies grow with the right people by finding and recruiting top tier techies. But we found and recruited her, imagine the possibilities with that!

Tim Bisander

Tim has been around financing for a long time. He built up UC Riskperson, he used to be the Head of Credit at Skandiabanken and neo bank Nystart. He is known for inventing the word Neo-bank. Or, ok, he's not, but it very well could have been him.

Henrik Landgren

Leading up to co-founding Ark, Henrik spent most of his life trying to understand everything. He has a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, he is the former VP of analytics at Spotify and a lead builder of the all-seeing Motherbrain at EQT, where he was also a founding partner.

Investors & Board

Hjalmar Winbladh
Investor & Chairman of the board

Imagine the possibilities if Hjalmar whispered in your ear. (Yes, it’s him, founder of Rebtel, Sendit, Epidemic Sound and EQT Ventures.) Now stop dreaming. He's with us, which means some of his wisdom could trickle down to you. We're happy to have him.

Patrick Söderlund
Investor & Senior advisor

Imagine anything – if anything was possible and everything was doable. As a founder of Embark Studios and the former Head of Studios at EA, Patrick is a creator of worlds, so all that is true for him. Very few people are more valuable for us when we are working to reimagine funding.

Gabriella Sahlman
Board Member

Gabriella is not like most board members whom earns a spot after years of success. She was first elected to a board straight out of school. As a co-founder of Proventus Capital Partners she knows a whole lot about entrepreneurship and everything about making innovative loans. A dream board member!.

Jacob De Geer
Investor & Senior advisor

Jacob did something most entrepreneurs dream of. No, it’s not about a billion dollar exit. It’s about changing the world for the better. Jacob did it by helping millions of small businesses around the world, to run and grow their companies. We are very proud to say he’s now helping ArK.


Marin Mikulic
Design Lead

Marin makes it all sounds so easy, he says; complex UX is all about great storytelling. But he has a Master of Social Science in Human Computer Interaction. And a BA in computer science. And several years of experience from leading the UX team at podcast platform Acast. So easy for him to say, and great for us!

Amanda Carlson
Head of Tech Recruiting

Amanda is a tech recruiter with clients spanning from Kry – Europe’s leading digital healthcare companyto Nasdaq. She has spend her entire adult life helping tech companies grow with the right people by finding and recruiting top tier techies. But we found and recruited her, imagine the possibilities with that!

Akash Patel
Data Engineering Lead

Akash was like no other kids. He still played with robots when he was 17.  Only he did it at KTH while earning an MS.c in Robotics and autonomous systems specializing in machine learning. He became part of the early Motherbrain team at EQT,  built the data & analytics team and platform from ground up at Hedvig, and now he’s with us. Akash is like no other,  but neither are any of our customers, so we are very happy to have him.

Georgiana Turcsanyi
Software Engineer

Geo worked full time, while studying for her BS in CS at UAIC of Iași, Romania. Geo’s hunger for learning, work ethics and sense of quality is evident in all her actions. Working for Toca Boca, Intel and Yonder, she became known for never ever leaving potential untapped, and appreciated for being a great team player. We are obviously very happy to have her (and her beloved dog) in our team.

Oscar Evertsson
Software Engineer

Oscar is a runner. He’s been running his own company (while earning a MSc at Chalmers tekniska högskola). He did a run from associate - to senior engineer faster than most at Spotify and he runs at least 40k/week. It gives him perspective and Oscar is a holistic thinker by nature, preferably in nature. He’s known to ask a lot of questions. Like - a lot. Now he’s with us, questioning everything. Isn’t that great?

Sofie Hellmark
Data Engineer

Sofie studied Engineering Physics, specializing in machine learning at LTH. She spent some time with Forefront Consulting as a data scientist before moving on to data engineering. Sofie is a creator of many thing - everything from knitting her own sweaters to building a tight knitted network of female techies. Now, she’s with us, creating new models for growing a tech company. Lucky us!

Johan Hammarstedt
Data Engineer

Multitalented is what comes to mind when getting to know Johan. Or/and elite. Before earning a MSc in machine learning at KTH, he studied in Lund, Hong Kong and the US - where he also played college basketball. He was named tech-talent of the year by SEB, led the Quant Finance Team at LU and he’s the first ever “straight-out-of-school” hire in the history of ArK. On top of being on top, he’s a super humble and nice guy.

Data analytics

Jens Larsson
Head of analytics

If you studied business design & management or industrial engineering at Chalmers University of Tech, it’s likely that you dream of working at a place like Google, Spotify or a cool start-up like Tink. Jens did all of the above. Now he is with us, and we can’t imagine a better Head of Analytics.

Sophie Hantman Kollén
Data Analyst

After writing her Master thesis at Fishbrain and earning her M.Sc in Industrial Management at KTH Sophie joined Klarna to build their payment methods and loyalty program in the US. Considering Sophie is often called the smartest person in any room, we hope we can earn her loyalty for many years to come, helping us develop AIM and enabling tech companies to grow smarter.

Maria Svedberg
Data Analyst

Maria studied industrial engineering & management, and earned a M.Sc in financial mathematics from KTH, but equally interesting is the school she joined next – the tech startup Anyfin. While exploring doing a little bit of everything, she excelled as an explorer of data – finding unseen analyzes and hidden insights. In order to explain her findings, Maria grew into the sharp and rare storyteller she is today. Our own author of success stories!

Elin Clemmedsson
Data Scientist

With a MSc in Computer Science & Industrial Management – Elin started her career at Tink, as the most overqualified customer support person in the world of start-ups. But she had a plan. Everything Elin learnt she poured into machine learning while building their ai. After being a key part in the data-science team at Anyfin, she’s now with us. And we are eager to learn.

Johan Hansson
Machine Learning Engineer

After earning his MS.s at LTH, Johan was recruited to Anyfin as a data scientist. He was among the first ten, and has been a crucial part of their success up to recently. Johan is unique (except he has a twin brother) – he’s learning by getting lost, challenge himself with math and he’s relaxing by climbing steep rock walls. Let’s just say we’re happy to have him with us at the frontier.

Arvid Olovsson
Lead Analytics Engineering

For most people data is something abstract. For Arvid it’s more like Lego. Bits and pieces that should be put together and put to work. He’s the one who understand how to make your data make a difference. He did it at media powerhouse Bonnier and Spotify. Now he’s with us, and at your service.


Anders Hising
Head of Structuring

Before Ark, Anders was a Director at Nordea Corporate Advisory where he coordinated leverage finance and corporate debt transactions. His 14 years of crafting debt deals made him a master of making the complex understandable.

Oskar Lagerqvist
Structuring Director

If we could tailor-make a person to perfectly fit our team of debt structuring professionals - Oskar would be the result. His background in early stage VC, direct lending and M&A from companies like Almi Invest, Nest Capital/CapMan and Nordea, makes him perfect for crafting financing solutions for fast growing tech-companies. Entrepreneur-first. First and always.

Marcus Östman
Structuring Manager

Marcus holds a MSc in Corporate and Financial Mgmt from LU, and has structured leverage finance & corporate debt transactions at Nordea for many years. But it’s not his experience and impressive skill-set that we value most - it’s his mindset. The open, creative and very problem-solving kind of mindset we need to craft true precision financing for entrepreneurs.


Fredrik Johansson
Head of sales

Imagine someone who loves credit facility agreements and excel models as much as he loves people. We have one. And if you are here, you might know Fredrik. As a co-founder of Nordea Startup & Growth he got to know hundreds of founders. If you don’t know him – Call him!

Filip Grönvall
Client Executive

Filip spent eight years in different roles at Nordea driving change. Working closely with many entrepreneurs as a client executive at the Startup & Growth bransch, he realized he wanted to get closer. Now he is as close as he can be.

Kim Lundberg
Ark Head of Denmark

Evolving from corporate banking, Kim is now a true tech banker. He earned an MSc in business development, parallel to being a frontrunner in nurturing the Danish venture debt space. We are confident and proud to have Kim lead us to space. Starting with Denmark.

Nikolaj Jorgensen
Client executive, Denmark

Nikolaj basically grew up in a bank. That's where he got his education and his best friends were the entrepreneurs he mainly worked with. After leaving “home” he spent 5 years at Vækstfonden (The Danish Investment Fund) helping more than a hundred tech entrepreneurs to grow. We are super proud that he’s now our friend (and client executive), his experience and his vast knowledge will help both ArK and our customers to grow smarter.


Alexandra Stolt
Head of Legal

After Alexandra earned a Master of Laws in Uppsala, she spent many years at White & Case as a lawyer specializing in banking and finance. Some would argue this to be the most structured and rule-driven (read: square) profession ever. But Alexandra has a very curious mindset and she’s experienced with cross boarder finance so we can’t imagine anyone better suited to help us break new ground, and find new (less square) financial solutions.


Carl Lager
Growth Marketing Director

Carl is our creative and ever curious Growth Marketing Director. He is where he is by tirelessly doing, evaluate and doing it better. And Carl is the best. After working at Soundtrack your brand and Spotify he grew the growth department at Hedvig from 1 to 14 before joining ArK. Like a skilled and super likable gardener he’s cultivating and growing - not only our digital presence and business, but also everyone around him.