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Putting SaaS scaleups in a position of power.

Banks are well known for a lot. Funding SaaS businesses is not one of them.

Ark Growth Loan

The first real funding partner for SaaS scaleups thinking long-term.

Growth Loan for SaaS →

Funding based on your future, not past.

We analyze your path to profitability and the growth lever of your company based on your revenue, marketing efficiency and growth lever, not annual reports 2 years ago.

A finance partner that knows SaaS.

We are working together with the biggest actors in the SaaS landscape, crafting custom terms around their needs.

The first real alternative to venture capital for SaaS businesses.

The ArK growth loan is designed to scale SaaS businesses when they’ve reached a point of predictability in their growth model. The terms are customized in partnership and ranges between €1-€10m.

Not a revenue based financing solution. A scalable one.

Financing pobbilities that scales. Pay back the capital when you’ve reached the next step of your growth journey – up to 3 years after getting access to your growth capital. With amortization of up to 7 years.

Understand your SaaS growth vehicle like never before. Automatically.


Our analytics platform unifies all your data into a god-view of your company. For free.

AIM connects all your data into one interface and connects the data between them to give you a helicopter view of your core as a SaaS business.

Get free access to AIM →

Connect your app analytics stack. AIM unifies it for you and give you an overview of your business.

AIM draws on all data that’s ever related to your growth - operational costs, acquisition and cohort metrics, as well as lifetime value metrics. No cost is left out, essentially merging the growth models of your CFO, marketing and sales team into a complete and unbiased one.

Connected data sources
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The helicopter view of your SaaS growth vehicle.

With AIM, you get an overview of your core metrics and how they correlate with each other on a helicopter level. Automated daily reports and forecasts on where you are, and where you are heading next.

Data sources
Growth insights

Find the recipe for your next revenue spike.

As a SaaS business there are a lot of things that you can lever to get to your next stepping stone. With AIM, you can test different scenarios against each other to know what to focus on next in your funnel and how the different scenarios affects your overall business revenue.

Data sources

Understand how reliant you are on your core customers.

With customer concentration analysis built into AIM, you know how reliant you are on your core customers and which ones in the user base to but extra focus on in relation to your overall customer base.

Data sources

See your path towards profitability.

Forecasts of your revenue and strategise what different metric changes across your business can take you into the place where you are not reliaent on external capital to grow your business.

Data sources

Like having your extra analytics team adding business value without a backlog.

Implementation just went from months to hours.

When handling other businesses data, only the highest level of security available is an option. We use advanced Content Delivery Network, Kubernetes and Web Application Firewalls to protect our services. All the data is encrypted at all times - during transit, even within the Kubernetes cluster, and when stored. AIM infrastructure is located at an EU based data center powered by green energy.

Not one more thing. Unlimited more things.

New pipelines, new features, and most importantly, more insights for you to explore about your business on a weekly basis. Think of our team as your very own analytics department, constantly building new functionality to better optimize your growth without you even having to think about it.