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ArK Kapital

New times call for new funding.

The next chapter in tech funding.
Over €400M of non-dilutive capital available.

The worlds most founder friendly loan is here

Custom loans designed to fit the nature of high-growth tech companies.

Discover ArK Growth Loan →
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Up to €10m, completely non-dilutive.

The Ark Growth Loan is designed to be the best complement to venture capital. The terms are customized in partnership with founders, to fit the nature of their growth trajectory.

a graphical illistration of the ark growth loans payback time in blue

3 year interest only, 7 year repayment time.

It’s always designed with a lot of legroom to pay back so companies won’t get weighed down in crucial states of their growth journey.

leading partnership

Officially the best complement to venture capital.

ArK work closely together with Europes leading venture capital firms to provide the most founder friendly capital mix out there with our growth loan together with their venture capital.

We’ve also built the worlds first proper growth forecasting machine

Unlock 5-year scenario forecasting of your company, daily.

AIM lets us fully understand what you’ve built, without any bias. It connects everything you’ve achieved historically, and simulates a 5 year future from your current growth model. Once connected you get to keep AIM, and get to keep it and get daily forecasts running on your latest performance.

Discover AIM →
What aim tells you:
AIM connects all current analytics products into one overall performance view, covering everything from acquisition to retention in the company. Very few tech companies have this helicopter view but with your help they can.
aim analytics from ark showing a forecast of company data
Toggle between different growth scenarios when setting a common strategy between departments in your company.
AIM Stories allows you to describe the numbers you are seeing together in a broken down format. It’s designed as visual aid for key decision makers who are not necessarily data analysts, so they can understand the true nature of their growth.

Who we are, what we do. This is ArK.

ArK is not a bank, we do not provide the kind of range of financial services that you would expect from a normal bank like accounts, investment tools, credit cards etc. We do however share one product with the banks - we lend money and provide non dilutive funding for tech companies.

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News coverage

Tap into the Ark Newsfeed.

We are working on becoming the best at predicting the future of tech companies and to custom funding to pave the way. Tap into the minds of our team and read up on our latest reached milestones towards that goal.


30 Mar, 2023

ArK Kapital brings another €100 million aboard, now offering €400 million in financing as it expands to Germany.

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1 Dec, 2022

Ark Kapital releases AI-driven forecasting platform AIM to founders everywhere.

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Silicon Republic

3 June, 2022

Ark Kapital CTO: ‘We want a tech team with 50pc women developers’.

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29 Mar, 2022

ArK Kapital raises €165 million to offer long term alternative financing options.

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6 Juni, 2022

Op-ed: Weather out the storm, or raise the sails for controlled growth?

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Di Digital

5 Sep, 2022

Ark Kapital increases speed with another €15m acceleration round

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12 July, 2022

Why Founders Should Embrace Debt Alongside Equity.

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ark kapitals analytics tool aim on a pedistal in black stone
We have amassed one of Europes biggest non-dilutive capital pools.

Apply for getting funded in our next batch.

Ark Advance, grow with the money you’ve earned.

You earn revenue now, but get paid months later. Get weekly access to your app earnings and reach the heights of your growth peaks, with non-dilutive capital.

Read about Ark Advance Loan
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